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MTB to star in Brassed Off

MTB is to take part in a local performance of the acclaimed film ''Brassed Off''

The local production is being performed by the Maidenhead ''Grimm Players''. It just so happens that MTB Bass Trombonist Ian Head is the leader of the players as well.

Performances are Thursday 2nd March - Saturday 4th March 2017 at the Desborough suite in Maidenhead with MTB providing all the music required.

Music associated with film includes:-

Death Or Glory

Florentiner March

Finale from William Tell

Concerto De Aranujez - or better known as Orange Juice

So if you want a great night out come and see us all perform!

Tickets available as shown below:-

Brassed Off is available for just four performances from 2nd to 4th March (7.45pm Thurs /Fri, 2pm and 6pm Sat) , and tickets can be obtained at or email

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